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2D Imaging


Adobe Photoshop

There seem to be no issues with using Photoshop with the SGI320.

One benefit of using Photoshop on this workstation is the speed at which you can both manipulate very large images (hundreds of megabytes) as well move around your image using zoom/pan controls. No doubt this is down to it’s huge internal bandwidth. This makes the SGI320 a very good workstation for Compositing/Retouching massive 2D images.

One benefit of using the 320 with Photoshop is the ability to import stills from a firewire-based Digital Camera. For complete instructions please visit the Firewire section under Upgrades.

Particle Illusion | Wondertouch

Particle Illusion is a 2D Special Effects application that can be used in a production pipeline to create dazzling particle effects. Fire, rain, smoke and other effects can easily be created using hundreds of presets, all fully customizeable. Effects can also be created from scratch and choreographed to create the appropriate effect for a specific scene or shot.

Particle Illusion works exceptionally well on the SGI320 because of the OpenGL compatability and the workstation’s enormous internal bandwidth. This translate to real-time previewing of effects and generally faultless representation of the effect in question.

Adobe Illustrator

There is a bug in Adobe Illustrator (7/8/9/10) under Windows 2000 that turns the little icons on the tool palettes black. The problem does not occur under Windows NT.

A way around this problem is to go into Display Properties and under the Appearance tab change the Colour Scheme to ‘Windows Classic’. This should restore the appearance of the icons. The resolution can then be adjusted to any colour depth (including 32-bit).

Note: If the desktop or windows colours are changed, the problem will resume.

A previous bug in Illustrator 10 (W2000) – whereby curves would disappear when their knots were adjusted – can also be solved using the above tip.

Macromedia Freehand

No problems have been reported when running Freehand on the SGI320.

SmartDraw Professional Plus (v.6.06)

No known SGI320-related bugs.

SmartDraw Photo (v1.01)

No known SGI320-related bugs.

AutoSketch (Release 8.0 )

No known SGI320-related bugs.

Cambridge Systems Software

This company is well known for their Animo range of 2D / Toon software and other successful titles. Their complete range of software, which includes Animo 4.1, Inkworks 1.5, Swiffworks 1.5, Soundbreakdown, Scene III and PencilTester function properly with no SGI320-related bugs. It should be noted that PencilTester also supports the SGI320’s built-in video cpabilities. The software house also use two SGI320s for testing and development.


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