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How can I clone multiple OSes and applications on SGI320s

If you have more than one SGI320 you may want to carry out a single OS/application installation and then clone that particular configuration on multiple systems. Using SGI NetInst you can create disk images of an NT/2000 operating system and user applications. Using these disk images, you can install perfect clones of the operating system and applications on multiple Silicon Graphics workstations. You can transfer these images to multiple workstations over a network using a TFTP server or locally using a CD. Download the application here.

Note: This software is unsupported by SGI.

Can I run Windows XP on my SGI320?

The short answer to this question is no. Microsoft dropped support for the SGI320 workstation for their latest release of Windows (link). Some people have reported varying degrees of success in getting beta build versions of XP to run. This almost certainly uses the appropriate HAL.dll from the Windows 2000 CD to ‘patch’ the newer, incompatible version. If anyone does manage to get XP running on his/her SGI320 then please let myself and the rest of the community know.



  1. Pete says:

    Has anyone ever tried installing Linux on these machines? If so, what distro?

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