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After upgrading the PROM my SGI320 refuses to boot. What can I do?

The likely cause of this is either a corrupted PROM download or a bad sector on the floppy used to flash the PROM.

The solution is to download the PROM again, format a new floppy and label it SGISETUP. This allows the 320 to access the disk on boot. Once inserted, boot the workstation which should then flash the PROM. If it sounds like the disk cannot be accessed you will need to set the password jumper on the motherboard to Disable.

Once the floppy is accessed the video display will come up or the system will automatically reboot. Remove the floppy and the SGI320 should work as normal.

Note: if this technique does not work, make sure that the PROM password jumper on the motherboard is *not* enabled. This would block floppy access by the PROM

Can I use a UNIX shell on the SGI320 to perform certain functions?

One undocumented yet powerful feature of the SGI320 is to run a UNIX shell in the PROM.

To do this select ‘Run System Utilities’ from the startup screen, select “Specify location”, type ‘Command Monitor’ in the Path field. Hit the Enter key and NOT Accept. Type help to get a list of some of the commands. Examples of commands are printenv, setenv, ls, ping, etc.

For an explanation of a few example commands, click here.


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