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USB / Firewire


Is it possible to use USB devices other than the supplied keyboard/mouse with the SGI’s built-in USB ports? (W2000 only)

A USB port can be freed up by plugging in an ordinary PS/2 mouse into the 320’s USB keyboard. I did this myself and installed a WACOM tablet in the spare port. The setup has now been running with no problems for over a year.

Firewire devices with the *onboard* firewire ports

The onboard firewire ports on the 320 are not OHCI compliant. This standard is necessary for other firewire devices such as external firewire hard drives, Windows 2000/XP networking and Adobe Premiere’s 6.0 built-in firewire capture. As a result these ports will *only* work with Digital Origin’s drivers and MotoDV. Theoretically, its may be possible to connect non-OHCI firewire devices to the 320’s internal ports but none have been reported.


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