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Native Support


At the time when the 1600SW was released, SGI offered a number of card/display combinations for those not running the display on either an SGI320/540 or an O2. By today’s standards the performance of these cards is limited. However, if all you are looking for is a no-hassle way of hooking up the display then you can avoid purchasing SGI’s Multi Link Adapter (MLA).

Type Driver
SGI320/540 Optional adapter (PN# CMN B025B) Windows
Oxygen VX1-1600SW PCI/AGP Windows
Number 9 Revolution IV-FP PCI/AGP Windows
Formac Proformance III PCI Mac driver
SGI O2/O2+ Optional adapter (PN# 030-1170-001) Notes on driver

A note on SGI O2s and the Multi Link Adapter

It is not possible to use an MLA with the O2. The 16:10 resolution is impossible to achieve this way. Instead use the dedicated O2 adapter when hooking up these workstations to the 1600SW.

A note on SGI’s 230/330/550 Visual Workstations
These workstations come equipped with a series of nVidia-based graphics cards but use customized SGI drivers that support the native SuperWide™ resolutions and settings. A list of the graphics cards options and their nVidia equivalents are listed below:

  • V3 – GeForce256 / 32MB DDR (DVI out)
  • VR3 – Quadro 1 / 64Mb DDR (DVI out)
  • V5 – GeForce2 GTS / 32MB DDR, *no* DVI
  • V7 – Quadro II-MX / 32Mb SDR-128 bits
  • VR7 – Quadro II-Pro / 64Mb DDR

Unlike the SGI320/540 and the graphics accelerators listed above, the 230/330/550 require an MLA to interface between the graphics card and the 1600SW display. Please also note that the display cannot be used with the V5 ‘interim’ graphics accelerator.

Monitor Profile for 1600SW

The Plug & Play Monitor Information is intended for Windows 95/98 users but has also been reported to work under Windows XP. You can download it here.

IRIX drivers

At first customer ship (FCS), the 1600SW was *only* supported under IRIX(R) 6.5.2. Patches for IRIX 6.3 for O2 including R10000 are now available. The December 1998 patch set must be loaded first and then the following patches (or their successors) need to be installed:

  • 3106 PROM 4.10 Rollup
  • 3034 IDE Rollup
  • 3443 Graphics Kernel Rollup
  • 3507 Confidence Tests Rollup
  • 3239 Xserver Rollup
  • 3450 IRIX Rollup

These patches will be shipped to customers on a special CD, (812-0892-001) along with the 12/98 recommended patch set CD and instructions for the installation (document P/N 007-3422-001). Once these patches become part of the quarterly patch set, the special CD will no longer be required.

PROM Code – PROM Version 4.10 is required for full functionality. You can obtain this PROM version in IRIX 6.5.2m by loading the subsystem “ip32prom.sw.prom.” Patch 3106 will also load PROM 4.10 for systems running IRIX 6.3.

Special Thanks to Alexis Cousein for clearing all that up!


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