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Other Devices


This section is intended to provide a list of compatible devices that work on the SGI320. It is sometimes difficult to ascertain whether it is the SGI320’s idiosyncrasies at fault or a general bug in the driver (NT or 2000). If you are using a particular device on your SGI320 that does not appear on this page, please use the contact link to report it.

Input Devices

1 Logitech iTouch Keyboard Y-BC9 (867103-0102)
2 Logitech Optical USB Mouse (M-BD69)
IBM Optical Navigator mouse (USB)
Logitech Cordless MouseMan® Optical (851173-0000)
Microsoft Intellimouse USB v1.1 (USB)
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite (USB)
Telex M-560 microphone (USB)
Wacom A3 UD Series Digitizer II Tablet (Serial)
Wacom A5 Intuos 6×8 Graphics Tablet (USB)
Wacom Graphire2 Graphics Tablet (USB)
Wacom Intuos2 Tablet (USB)


Advance Peripherals iFire External drive (1394 & USB)
HP CD Writer 810
Iomega 1GB Jazz drive (SCSI)
Iomega CD-RW (connected to OrangeMicro via USB)
Lacie Firwire 16-speed CD/CD-RW Burner
Sony USB 2 DVD Burner

USB Hubs

Belkin 4-port USB Hub (F5U021)
Buslink 5-port USB2 card with NEC chipset
HP/RCA 4-Port USB Hub with AC Adapter
LaCie Electron19″ blue (built-in 5-port USB hub)
Linksys Pro-Connect 4-port USB Hub (USBHUB04)
SerialToUSB-Adaptor (U232-P9)

SIIG USB 2.0 5-port controller


Apple iPod
ADS Technologies Pyro 1394 Drive
Backpack External CDR/W (parallel)
Belkin UPS with USB power monitoring (F6C650-USB)
Bose Wave/PC Audio System
Handspring USB Cradle for Visor Deluxe
Logictech Wingman Precision USB
Saitek 550 joystick (USB) stick
Samsung sph-i300 PDA/cell phone

PROM 1.004 or 1.005
2 all PROM versions

Note:You may find that your SGI320 has problems recognising power-hungry Firewire / USB devices using either the built-in ports or USB hubs. Installing a Firewire/USB PCI card has alleviated the problem in many reported cases.



  1. Jan Syben says:


    I’m ussing a 3ware 8006-2LP PCI64 SATA controller in my 320 and it’s running fine,
    but I can not use the corfiguration utility during starup, so I use it in default configuration.

    kind regards


    • miltonadamou says:

      Thanks for sharing Jan. How many drives is the controller connected to? Are they striped for better performance? I’m assuming you can’t boot any attached drives from it as this is a known limitation of these systems.


      • Jan Syben says:

        Hello Milton,

        I think this is the “budget” version of 3ware SATA controllers because it has only two ports.
        Anyway, I only use one port with a Samsung 500GB HDD. The device doesn’t appear in the hardware inventory and I can’t boot from it. I use a 72GB Fujitsu SCSI-HDD on the QLA1080 instead.
        Performance is approximately the same as with the Fujitsu-HDD, but major bargain is that I can use modern HDDs.
        I never tried to change setup parameters of the 3ware card in another system and then put it back into the 320. Perhaps I could get better performance by doing so.



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