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After two years of rumours and replacement firewire cards, the drivers that activate the SGI320’s firewire ports are available. The files were distributed by Terry Ryan after receiving them from Karl Kortkamp, SGI Channel Systems Engineer.

Whether you are running NT or 2000 on your SGI320, the drivers are necessary for activating the firewire ports. Early reports of Windows 2000 not requiring drivers are untrue. For both Windows NT and 2000, download the following drivers:

To check whether the ports have been activated, run the Digital Origin DV Tester.exe programme. This will report whether the
ports or ‘board’ has been recognize. The following window should display:

Note: The built-in firewire ports do NOT work with the Digital Origin replacement card sent to 320/540 customers.


Unzip the file and run PhotoDV_SGI.exe. This will install the drivers onto your computer. Then double-click on the file SgiRegSetup.reg to complete the installation.

Capturing frames with Adobe Photoshop

Note: a copy of the file DigitalOriginPhotoDV.8ba can be found in your Digital Origin folder. If you install Photoshop after PhotoDV has been installed, then you will have to manually copy this file into your Photoshop plugin/import-export folder.

Go to File > Import > Digital Origin PhotoDV..

The following panel appears:

Installing Video Drivers

Capturing video requires the MotoDV software, originaly produced to work with the RadLynx PCI board. To install the software onto the SGI320, six files need to be copied to specific locations before the MotoDV installer is initiated.

WINNT\system32\drivers\RadDVDev.sys (28 june 1999)
WINNT\system32\drivers\Sgi1394.sys (28 june 1999)
WINNT\system32\RadDVFW.dll (29 june 1999)
WINNT\system32\RadRT.dll (29 june 1999)
WINNT\system32\Cls1394.dll (29 june 1999)
WINNT\system32\RadBmSvc.exe (29 june 1999)

If already existing files need to be overwritten, the service ‘Radius 1394 Bus Manager’ must be stopped. To do this, follow this procedure:


1) Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel
2) Double-click on Services to open the Services window
3) Scroll down to locate the ‘Radius 1394 Bus Manager’ driver. There is no Digital Origin-labeled 1394 driver at this time.
4) Click on the driver and terminate it by pressing STOP. This will allow you to replace the files.
5) After a reboot, manually start the drivers ‘Sgi1394’ then ‘RadDvDev’ before using Digital Origin DV Tester to remotely control the DVcam.

Once the proper drivers are in place, proceed to installing (

Note: Windows 2000 users should then run motodv-win2kupd.exe to update MotoDV for their workstations.

Capturing Video using Digital Origin MotoDV

Launch the application MotoDV. The following panel appears:

MotoDVMany users have reported better results when using Quicktime for capturing video as opposed to AVI. In the past, SGI has stated that parts of the QT decompressor were moved into hardware. This would partly explain why sending video to the video output port is done so using Quicktime (QTvoutplayer), not AVI.

Special Thanks to Thierry Martin for supplying the information on this page.


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