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PCI Expansion


The SGI320 has three PCI card option slots on two PCI buses, one half-length 32-bit-wide slot on bus(0) and two full-length 64-bit-wide slots on bus(1). For optimum performance, cards should be installed in bus(1) slots first.

Although three cards generally offer ample expansion considering how much functionality is already built into the workstation, the problem arises with the 320’s lack of support for the widely available 5.0-volt PCI cards, instead supporting the newer but harder-to-find 3.3-volt PCI cards.

Below is a list of compatible PCI cards that have either been reported as working on the 320 or are designated as 3.3 volt cards. If you would like to report a particular card as functional on the 320, or alternatively use a PCI card not listed below, then please use the contact section to report it.

For information on the differences between 3.3V, 5V and Universal PCI cards, visit this link.

SCSI controllers

Adaptec 19160 – Ultra160 SCSI
Adaptec 29160N – Ultra160 SCSI
Adaptec 29160 – Ultra160 SCSI
Adaptec 39160 – Ultra160 SCSI
Adaptec 2930U2 – Ultra160 SCSI
Adaptec 2940UW Pro – Ultra160 SCSI
Adaptec 3940UWD – Ultra160 SCSI
Adaptec 3950U2 – Ultra160 SCSI
Adaptec 3950U2W – Ultra160 SCSI
Adaptec3950U2B – Ultra160 SCSI
*QLogic 1080 – Ultra2 LVD
*QLogic 1280 – Dual Ultra2 LVD
Symbios Logic SCSI UW
Inito INI-A100 U2W

RAID controllers

**Escalade 7210 2-way RAID
3ware 8006-2LP PCI64-bit SATA 2-port
Mylex RAID Controller (DAC1164P)
Promise FastTrack TX2
Promise FastTrak TX2000
SYBA SD-SATA-4P (software RAID)

Video cards (for 2nd monitor under W2000)

Appian Jeronimo Pro Dual Head (useful for a 3-monitor setup under W2000)
Creative Labs 3D Blaster
Diamond FireGL1000Pro
ELSA Erazor II
ELSA Synergy II
ELSA GLoria Synergy
Matrox G450 (useful for a 3-monitor setup under W2000)
Voodoo 3000

Sound cards

Antex Studio AV
Creative Labs Ensoniq
Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live
Silicon Graphics® DA1100 (digital audio card)
Turtle Beach Montego II

Firewire & USB

Adaptec USB2 / Firewire Duoconnect – DO NOT INSTALL ADAPTEC DRIVERS
Belkin 5-port USB2 Hi-Speed
***Digital Origin 1394
Orange Micro OrangeLink (1394 + USB) – Universal Version Only
Orange Micro OrangeLink (1394 + USB2.0) – Universal Version Only
Silicon Graphics® Firewire/SCSI cardOnly available to Japanese customers

Network cards

Alteon WebSystems Gigabit Ethernet (2 BNC connectors only)
Compaq PCI 10/100 NIC W/TX
Compaq 3131 – Fast Fthernet nics, dual 10/100
D-Link FE-530TX+ Ethernet
D-Link DWL-520 (wireless adapter)
HP 10/100VG Lan Adapter
HP 5185 – 6408 Ethernet
Interphase 5575 ATM card (must be in 1st slot)
Linksys Wireless-G (model WMP54G)
Packet Engines G-NIC Gigabit


Creative Labs Modem Blaster Di5630-4
Diamond Supra Max 56K
Radicom 56K

Other devices

BROADWAY 2.5 video capture card
DPS Perception
DPS Reality
DVS Clipstation PRO D1
Harmonix ISDN P30
Midiman Midisport 2×2 (USB-midi interface)
MPEG Encoder (VisonTech)
QLogic 2100F Host Bus Adapter
REALmagic Xcard™

These are the only two controllers the SGI320 can boot from
** The SGI320 cannot ‘see’ these drives before booting Windows
*** SGI firewire replacement card

3DLabs vx1 does not work on sgi320


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